Tuesday, November 11, 2014


For the first time in my life I'm actually grateful for missionary transfers. 

Transfers have always been very hard on me. I cry every single time, it's hard for me to say goodbye to people I've grown so close to. But since we have sister missionaries in the ward now, I'm allowed to drive them to transfers, and that makes them a lot easier on me. I can say goodbye to my missionary, see their new companion and then meet the new missionary coming in. I told the sisters that I want to drive to transfers every time it's possible :)

So when Sister Aumua got her call last night, they texted me immediately.

We loaded up her bags and we were on the road to transfers by 9:15 and we made it there at 10. The sisters told me to come inside and wait in the foyer because it was so cold outside. So I stood and talked to some other members for a minute then President Taylor invited us to come into the meeting with them and turned to lead us where to go. I was about to start walking when I felt someone tap my shoulder and ask "Hey do you know where, uh..." As the question was being asked I turned and saw Elder Christensen. I started to BAWL. Oh my gosh. Happy tears of course, seeing one of my absolute best friends for the first time in months when you aren't expecting it will do that to you :) 

I was so happy. I think you can probably tell by the picture. 

The meeting was great. President had the missionaries stand and sing "Army of Helaman" to the members that drove. It made me cry, too. The elders that were standing near me had big huge smiles on their faces too. The joy I felt today at that meeting was indescribable. I'm still beaming at this very moment. 

I said goodbye to my sister and only cried a little bit. She was like a big sister to me so it was really hard on me, and I think I would have taken it a lot harder if I wasn't driving them. I met the new sister and she's awesome. 

Right as we were about to leave I went to go say goodbye to Elder C. I got to meet his new companion and Elder C told him the brief version of my conversion and said I was the best convert. It was so cool. It was so great catching up with him. The best surprise of my week, if not my month. 

I'm so grateful for the worthy young men and women that chose to serve missions. Each time I see a missionary it makes me happy to the core because they are finding those that are lost, like I was. They are on a search and rescue mission, diligently searching for those that need the gospel. I love them.

Today also marks the day my parents said that I could get baptized... :) how special is that?? What a great day to get reunited with the missionary that made it all happen.