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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rebekka's baptism (summary)


Oh what a sweet person. She started coming to church about a month ago. She came to mutual on Wednesday, went to Seminary on Thursday and Friday, came to church on Sunday and on Monday night had her first missionary discussion.

And agreed to get baptized.

Today was her baptism. Oh my gosh it was fantastic. I cried. The. Whole. Time.

The Spirit was so strong... My favorite part was when she actually got baptized, the Spirit washed over me and I could not stop crying. Oh my goodness.

Rachel Wright also sang the song "Live It" and changed "I will live it" to "You will live it" and that made my blubbering start back up again. AND I got to get up and bear my testimony unexpectedly. That was pretty cool too. :)

The bad part is I have a migraine from all the crying... (I turned the brightness all the way down on my computer and I STILL feel sick. UGH!)

Baptism is a fantastic thing. I can't wait until its me in there. I'm still debating on who I will ask when my day comes but I have plenty of time. :)

I was planning on writing a huge post about the baptism, but I think I will die if I don't go lie down. I'll write more after church tomorrow!