Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kind Hearts and Car Issues

Over the past few weeks I have been communicating with my missionary Ben. Short conversations are the extent of it, but it puts me in a happy mood.

So when I couldn't start my car today, I knew what to do.

We changed out the ignition thingy (I don't know what it's actually called, the thing you stick the key into...) and for some reason it keeps getting stuck and I can't turn my car on. After a few tries it usually starts right up, though.

But today it didn't.

I was going to drive a friend home, so we got in my car and I tried to turn it. It. Wouldn't. Budge. I started to panic. How would I get us both home???

I saw Ben walking toward his car like 5 minutes earlier, so I got this feeling to call him for help. So I did.

He tried to help over the phone but my weak arms couldn't budge it (even my friend couldn't move it). So he told me that he would come over and help.

He ran over. Yes, ran. From a totally different parking lot. In the Texas heat.

Of course it worked in the first time he tried. (I probably loosened it for him ;P). But I am so grateful that he came to help even if me and him are not very good friends anymore. It warmed my heart and it made that parking lot feel like a holy place, because the spirit was brought by that Christ-like kindness. :)

This experience has moved me and I am going to be a better person because of it.

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