Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

So today I have been thinking about how much I love hugs and handshakes or physical contact similar to that. There's been times where a single hug from a friend has made my week so much better or there's been times where I just need a hug from my mommy or when I'm feeling like I'm drowning in my trials a missionary shaking my hand pulls me out. It's amazing to me. So go hug someone today. Or shake their hand. Whichever is more acceptable.

Anyway, I've been also about my personal purpose to be where I am today. Why am I a convert? Why do I live in Allen, TX? Why did I cross paths with some people?

I'm getting my patriarchal blessing this Sunday, maybe that's why my mind is spinning with questions like that. Hopefully I can find some answers as I receive that blessing.

You know, today in seminary AND at my discussion we talked about Moroni. What an amazing young man. In fact, he was so righteous that if all men were like Moroni "the very powers if hell would have been shaken forever". Imagine that!!

I want to be just like Moroni.

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