Saturday, June 7, 2014

Craziness!!! :)

Oh my goodness I haven't really been writing on here. It's been SO crazy!!!

I had my Senior Prom. It was so fun. Right after that, though, things got super crazy. The Elders that were serving here got ET'd out because of a new ward opening up, the end of the school year was approaching, I was scheduled more at work, and I had some crazy drama at work.


I did it. :) It was SO cool. The excitement I felt was comparable to the excitement of my baptism. AHHH! :)

Speaking of my baptism, my 6 month anniversary of my baptism is in 8 days. Isn't that insane? It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago I was entering the (freezing) waters of baptism. Last Sunday we sang How Great Thou Art and I teared up a little. I love that song. I used to sing it all the time around the time of my baptism. Then in YW's we sang I Walk By Faith. I started BAWLING. This was the song that we sang the night that my baptism papers got signed. I still remember panicking because I was scanning the room and Elder Christensen and Elder Saenger weren't anywhere in sight, then the wave of relief when I saw Elder Christensen peek through the door. I can't believe that was so long ago!!! :)

Have you ever heard of Al Fox? She's a convert. She's also the "Tattooed Mormon" I LOVE her. She's one of my role models. She made this cute little video when it was her 3 year anniversary of her baptism.

Monday is Trek. I'm so excited, but equally as nervous. I hope I don't die or be eaten by very hungry bugs or trip and fall or all of the above. I get dehydrated super fast, so I'm going to have to be super careful. But I have all my clothes thanks to some super sweet leaders who made me my skirts.

I'm going to start writing more after Trek. I'm super excited for what adventures this summer will bring. :)

Here are some pictures from my little baptism photoshoot last summer. :) My super cute friend Dani Hamblin took them. She's actually on her mission now. :) 8 days! :)

Okay so this goose trapped us on the bridge and was trying to attack us
So I rawred at it and she got this SUPER ATTRACTIVE picture
 And finally we got away :)

 I love this picture <3

 Do you see the church in the background? :)


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