Saturday, November 16, 2013

Elder Christensen

So many of you may be wondering "What made them say yes??"

Well, there is a missionary in my ward named Elder Christensen. I told him about how I gave my parents a Book of Mormon and a couple weeks later (November 3rd) after I bore my testimony during fast and testimony meeting he came to me saying that he had a revelation. :)

He told me he felt like I should set a baptismal date and go from there. So I chose December 7th. So I asked my mom to talk about me getting baptized with my dad and she promise I would have an answer by the next weekend.

Elder Christensen went around telling everyone and asking them to fast and pray for me. While I myself was fasting and praying. I know that this is why their hearts softened.

I gained a huge testimony over the power of fasting and prayer. That was something I hadn't actually experienced before. (Ironically enough I taught my laurels class about fasting a couple weeks before that).

I am so grateful that Elder Christensen did all that he did to help me get this far. He is a wonderful missionary and a great friend to me. :)

And so I have asked him to baptize me. He will be baptizing me on December 8th. :)

The Church is true!!!!!!! :)


  1. I love this story! Know that there were people in Utah also praying for you. Congratulations Casey! Love, Elder Christensen's mom

  2. Elder Christensen is my nephew and he is so awesome! I am so excited that you finally get to be baptized and so proud of you for hanging in there for so long. This is just the beginning of enduring to the end. We'll keep you in our prayers over here in Oregon. Congratulations!

  3. Casey! I am Elder Christensen's uncle here in Missouri. Please know that we pray for you as well. We have fasted and prayed for him as well as those he teaches. This church really is true! The journey will be full of ups and downs but stick with it and stay close to the scriptures and the Holy Ghost will soon be your personal guide! Stay true!

  4. What an amazing feeling to know that people you've never even met yet love you and are praying for you. This is such a sweet post. We are so grateful for you AND Elder Christensen in our lives. <3