Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missionaries! <3

I got the opportunity to meet with the missionaries twice yesterday.

I LOVE my missionaries. I have fantastic missionaries and I thank Him for them every single day.

In the first meeting, I planned to have all these wonderful people come. It was me, my friend Willie (whose going on his mission in 15 days) and four Elders. Elder Christensen and Elder Saenger brought friends :)

It started off weird. Elder Saenger and one other missionary played random songs in the piano while Willie and I sat with Elder Christensen and another Elder whose name slips my mind. We talked about my baptism. And Elder Christensen wrote the program on the chalk board and we discussed and he explained to me that I needed to stop stressing about it because I have so many people around to help. He compared it to the movie "The Game Plan" when the little girl is pushing this sled with all we might and it won't budge. Frustrated, she turns around and says "I'm not strong enough!" And he says "it's not about what's in here" and pointed to his muscle "it's about what's in here" and pointed to his heart. So she turns around and starts pushing and it moves! She looks up and a couple football players are helping.

"Now, Casey, you aren't an 8 year old. You are 17, so you're pushing this sled and it's inching forward. But you don't have to do this alone. You have a whole football team that loves you and is willing to help you in anyway possible. Casey this isn't a ward, this is a family. That's why I love it here"

Elder Christensen's testimony shines through his eyes. It inspires me.

Later that night we met with the bishop and talked about everything and my nerves and stress set back in. One of my really good friends suggested a priesthood blessing of comfort the day before and I decided to go ahead with it. I am so glad I did. Priesthood blessings make my thoughts go silent an calm me down. I LOVE the priesthood.

I'm so very grateful for these stubborn, camera shy missionaries. They bless my life each and every day.


  1. Is that my son in the short sleeved white shirt? I loved his analogy from "The Game Plan". You aren't alone, Casey. You have a wonderful ward family that is there for you. Just relax, let them do what families do, and you find quiet times to reflect on what this means and you will feel His peace. Love, Elder Christensen's mom

    1. Yes ma'am it is!! I loved it too :)
      I've really calmed down a lot. :) Everything is falling into place.