Sunday, July 27, 2014

Surprises! :)

I got the best surprise in the mail yesterday. A letter from my favorite missionary, Elder C! :)

Has anything made you so happy that it made your eyes tear up? That was me when my dad handed me the letter. First off, I love getting mail, second it was from someone so dear to me and I hadn't heard from him in 3 months. It made my day.

He's doing awesome. :) good ol' Elder C.

We have Sisters in the ward now. They're so great. And now that I'm 18 I'm going to institute and I'll be getting my first calling soon. It's so exciting. :)

This year I can't seem to stay healthy. I'm sick again. I have a double ear infection (swimmers ear) with a eustachian tube dysfunction. The ETD basically means I won't be able to hear right for the next 2 weeks. Nothing serious, though. :)

Life is awesome. I love this gospel and my Heavenly Father's many blessings. :)

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