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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update! :)

It's been forever since I updated my blog... He's a few things that have happened in my life:

  • I started college
  • I taught my first primary lesson
  • I studied
  • I bought a new laptop for college (with my own money and it was really exciting)
  • I studied
  • I had my first college exam 
  • I studied
  • I started going to institute at my college
  • I studied
  • I hit my 9 month mark of getting baptized
  • I studied some more
Oh and did I mention I studied? I never used to study in high school, but studying is my life now. And I have no social life anymore. Haha :) Oh, college.

I'm loving my new institute class. At first I didn't talk at all in there because I didn't know anyone. It was kind of awkward because they're all from Plano (a different city). They were all super nice to me, though, so I'm more comfortable in there. :) There's a bunch of returned missionaries in there and one of them (named Emily) has gone out of her way to sit by me every week. She doesn't know it, but I really appreciate it. If she didn't sit by me I would probably sit alone. So it's really nice :)  The teacher is really nice, too. I just love it so much :)

I've been missing my missionary friends a ton recently. Not just my friends serving here in Texas, but the friends I went to high school with. The hardest thing about college is all my friends are either on missions or at BYU. So I've been thinking about all my missionary friends all week. Elder C, Elder Varela the older and Elder Varela the younger, Sister Jensen, Sister Platt, Elder McDermott, etc. It's a bummer because Elder McDermott had his farewell this last Sunday and I wasn't feeling up to going to church (I've been so sick) and decided to sleep in and go to the YSA ward for the first time, completely forgetting his farewell was this week. I feel absolutely horrible about it. :( I'll have to write him a letter.

I had this plan to send all my missionary friends a letter this past week, but I've been so run down from the crazy amounts of studying that when I'm not working, going to school or studying I'm asleep. (Which is also why I haven't updated the blog... Sorry!!!)

I'll try to update more frequently now that I'm in the swing of college. :) And I'm sorry if this blog post is all over the place. I'm dead tired :)

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