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Saturday, March 9, 2013


I'm a really lucky girl. Even though I argue with them, I have really amazing parents.

My mom has a huge heart. She's funny, she's caring, she's a lot of fun. I can talk to her about anything, whether it be about friend issues or just joking around. She's the best mom I could ask for.

My daddy is spontaneous, funny, and outgoing. He's a lot of fun to be around, too. He makes me laugh and he shares my love for shooting and country music. He's the best dad I could ask for.

They both are very open minded. At first, I didn't really think they were, but I've realized they are. I mean, their daughter is going to a church they don't really know anything about, and they let me go every Sunday, every morning for seminary, every Wednesday, every church dance, and even to other things going on at the church. I'm very grateful for them.

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch playing with Allie (a 2 month old baby at my mom's daycare) when one of the moms came to pick up her daughter. The mom saw my quad in my church bag and asked "Are ya'll Mormon?" to my mom. My stomach dropped, what was my mom going to say?

"No, thats Casey's, Casey goes to a Mormon church. I'm Catholic, Keith's Baptist. We're a big mixed up family" She laughed. It made me feel really good because my mom recognized that I go to the LDS church, and wasn't afraid to say it. She accepts that thats who I am.

My parents have accepted my standards, too. Which makes me feel even better. They warn me when they're watching an R rated movie, they order me Sprite instead of Coke when we eat out, my mom helps me find dresses with sleeves, they realize I don't like when they swear and respect it.

I am very blessed to have the family I have. They accept me for who I have become, and they respect me. I love my family a lot. :)
(This was at the beach, thats why we're all red.)

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