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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


*I wrote this the 15th and it never got published* Oops? :)

Recently I've been having a lot of rough patches in my life. And I knew that if I started serving others, I would become happier, too. So on Thursday at my LAST new member discussion (it was really sad.) I asked the Elders if I could serve with them anytime soon. So they invited me to serve with them and all of the other Allen missionaries at this little garden at a different faith's meetinghouse.


I showed up and was immediately welcomed with a "What's up Caseyyy?!" from Elder James. My Elders weren't there yet because they're always late, so it was really nice to be known by other missionaries. I feel like I can walk up to any missionary and they know exactly who I am and I know exactly who they are. I love that.

Anyway, the garden was amazing. I talked to Hermana Moss the whole time, pretty much. Sister missionaries are so sweet.

All of the Sisters were planning on having a girls only lunch, and the Elders overheard and protested. Suddenly I look up and see a grinning Elder C with a green bow in his hair, claiming that he could go to the lunch now.  It was SO funny. They ended up giving in and all the Elders were invited. I drove a sister companionship to their home to get their wallets and back to the little cafe and they invited me to come eat with them, so I accepted the offer and I was SO glad I did. I love love love the missionaries. One of my hardships recently has been that I don't feel like I really "belong" anywhere at church. I feel super awkward. So it was really nice to sit there, surrounded by so many missionaries and feeling like I was a part of something. That was really cool.

But the best part of my day came from good ol' Elder C.

I was sitting there eating, and quietly  listening to the conversations around me when I hear my name, so I looked over and saw Elder C and Elder Murphy looking at me. They were talking about having the missionaries all in one place, and how I was the only non-missionary, or something? I think it was something like that. Then Elder Christensen responded with this:

"Casey isn't a Sister Missionary. Casey is a Member Missionary." 

That meant SO much to me. I don't know why. It's echoed in my head all day. :) It was one of the greatest compliments ever.

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