Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recap of my Week

It's been a really great week. The hard things in my life don't seem as hard and I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

I had a couple really great things happen.

1. I had my first FHE with a wonderful family from a different ward. :)
2. I taught the first discussion all by myself to a fellow employee and when I finished saying the first vision he looked at me and said "So Joseph Smith was a prophet, right?" AMAZING.
3. I had a missionary experience in the library in front of all the missionaries emailing home. That was super cool. I got like tackled by the sisters. I love them SO much.
4. I served at the garden on Saturday and had a really good conversation with good ol' Elder C. Because he's a missionary and missionaries are always busy an whenever we're around eachother he's usually working, I haven't had very many "deep" conversations with him. In fact I think I can count them with my fingers. Not that the conversation was super deep, but it was meaningful, I guess. I feel a lot closer to him and Elder Payne. Elder Payne and I got a chance to talk some too, which was nice. I adore those missionaries.
5. Cici's with all the mishs. :) I love when we all go out for lunch after service. I feel so comfortable with all of them, now. Like if I was in a crowd with a whole bunch of missionaries I wouldn't just go running for my Elders. I would look for the other wonderful missionaries in the Allen Stake.
6. Young Women's Broadcast. Wow. That was pretty spiritual. I was really discouraged because I was sitting all alone while everyone else was with their mom. Then the family from Monday's FHE spotted me and welcomed me over. I'm so grateful for that. The room was dark so no one saw the lonely tears of the 17 year old girl sitting by herself in the back. I'm so glad they found me, though.

The only bad thing about my week was all the contention. It used to be just at home, which was tolerable, but now it's at school, church, work, everywhere. I'm managing it, though. Hopefully it gets better. :)

Today after doing stuff for my mom I walked into my room where my phone was and got a text. It was from Ben. (For those of you that don't know him, he is my ex best friend and the boy who introduced me to the church) he was APOLOGIZING for everything he has done to me. After a whole year and a few months, I feel like things will be better at church and maybe I'll feel more accepted. I'm so happy.

I've been challenged to read a conference talk everyday. It was my "prescription" from bishop to help pull me out of the slump I'm in. He told me to start in October of 2013. Does anyone have suggestions on which ones to read first?

I love you guys. Thanks for all the support :)

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