Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crazy Week

Ugh. It's been a reeeeeeeally long week.

Monday I said goodbye to Elder Christensen. You can read my previous posts to know more about that.

Tuesday... Actually. I don't think anything important happened on Tuesday. I just kind of moped around because of transfers.

Wednesday I met Elder Ramsdell, the Elder that was transferred in. He's pretty cool. Turns out I've met him before. A few months ago a bunch of missionaries came in and one ordered a shake so I made it and put it on a tray, spun around to give it to him, realized it was to go so I turned around again, slammed into my coworker and knocked the shake on the ground... It was his shake and he remembered me immediately. Oh my gosh.

Thursday I had dinner with the mishs and then worked.

Friday.... Oh, Friday. Friday was a bunch of mixed emotions. I put my dog of 15 years down. That was awful. I have never put a pet down before. We had a puppy a long time ago that got really sick and we put it down but my parents didn't tell us until years later, we were just kids. I made the choice to be there with him as they did it. After the first shot he got really tired. The vet said they did that so the family didn't have to see any convulsions and he would be at peace. When he laid down my mom said "It's okay baby, just rest for a little while." Those words keep echoing in my head. It's been bothering me a ton. I hugged him as they gave him the last shot that put him to rest. He was my baby. I know he's gone, but I keep thinking he isn't. I don't know if I'm in denial or what, but I'll tiptoe around the house so I don't wake him up, or I'll leave his little light on, I've even talked to him. Then I remember his little face and it breaks my heart. It's going to take a while to get over that horrible day.
Also on Friday I had Mormon Prom. That was a ton of fun and helped me get my mind off things. My date was such a gentleman and was so perfect. I hope my husband is like that. :)

Saturday I served with the missionaries, as usual. :) Then I went out with all the Elders for lunch. Man, I love those Elders. I love the Sisters, too, but I love being around worthy priesthood holders. I don't get that on an everyday basis. It was great :) Then I went to work and had a really rough night because I started thinking about my dog.

Today was Easter. It wasn't the same this year, though. I don't know if it's because I'm grieving or what, but my mind wasn't on the Savior as much as it should have been. I really need to work on that. I know that Easter is today, but I'm going to keep the Spirit alive if I can.

Tomorrow I plan to go hang with the mishs on their pday and play some sports. And sleep in some. I haven't gotten much sleep at all this week.

To anybody reading this, some prayers of comfort would be really helpful to me. I'm really struggling with the death of my absolute best friend. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I struggle with feelings of depression, and on my bad days I spend time with my pets. Their love is pure and uplifting. Now one of them is gone and it's really starting to sink in and eat away at me.

I would really appreciate it.

I challenge you all to make someone's day brighter tomorrow. If you do, leave a comment and tell me what you did. :)

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