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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heavenly Father's Surprises

Heavenly Father talks to me in strange ways sometimes. But one thing that is always constant is when He knows I'm having a bad day, He puts me and the missionaries in the same place at the same time.

I had a rough morning. I wasn't feeling very good and I didn't want to go to seminary. But I forced myself out of bed and went, only to get confused by the lesson and discouraged.

My first period class wasn't so great either. But since in a teaching intern I get to leave early to beat traffic to my Elementary School. My mentor in the program and I decided to leave earlier than normal because first period was so bad.

I decided to stop by my favorite breakfast place and get something. I stepped out of the car in a daze and walked to the door. 4 people were standing there. My jaw dropped and tears came to my eyes. My Elders (Elder C and Elder Payne) and the 5th ward sisters (Sister Allen and Sister Griffin). They were just as surprised. I have the Sisters the biggest hugs and fist bumped my Elders.

My day was made. Their smiles and sweet spirits warm my heart. I'm sure they don't really know how happy that made me. I literally talked to them for like 3 minutes. But it was enough.

I love the missionaries. They're my 2nd family. :)

I also love how The Lord is looking out for me. He knew I needed that little spiritual boost this morning. :)

I'm ready for the day now. :)

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