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Monday, December 16, 2013


(This was all typed last night (December 15, 2013) but I fell asleep before I could publish it! Sorry it says "today" :) )

What a wonderful day to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!!!

This morning I woke up terrified....

But after a while I was totally fine.. :)

I went to church early at 10:15 and talked to a bunch of the amazing people I know. :) After church I went to a class presidency meeting, then went back up to church and stayed until the time came. 

The missionaries and Brother White showed up at about 4:15 to fill up the font.

(Poor Elder Saenger and Pruitt were so nervous about teaching the first discussion!!!)

Soon Elder Christensen and I changed into our white clothes... And I got nervous all over again!
 But my little Elder friends were all smiles when I came out!!! :)

And then I saw my beautiful friend Savannah. :)
 And my friend from school (Matt)
 Then I saw my friend Sarah, who I nearly tackled.

 And my Mormon friend from work, Brigham (Brigy)
 And Elder Pruitt (I'm pointing to my other good friend, Jesus. Ever met him? ;) )
 And Tyler :) We're leaving room for Jesus in our hug. :)
 And of course, my wonderful, fantastic Elders. Some of the greatest friends I will ever have. :)

 And Rachel, who is the closest thing to perfect I know.
 Then my family showed up!!! :)
 The program went like this.

Welcome:                          Nathan White
Opening Hymn:                  #116 Come Follow Me
Opening Prayer:                 Rebekka Young
Special Music:                   Come Thou Fount
                                         Savannah Thunell
Talk on Baptism:               Cameron Bailey
Special Music:                   Live It
                                         Rachel Wright
Talk on the Holy Ghost:     Crystal Fisher
Baptismal Ordinance:         Elder Christensen
Witnesses:                         Elder Saenger
                                         Mike Fisher
Testimony:                         Casey Watts
Closing Remarks:               Bishop Christiansen
Closing Hymn:                    #136 I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Closing Prayer:                   Madison Jensen

It was AMAZING. So many people came. It HAD to have been about 250 people. It was SO cool.

The water was so cold and I felt like I was under the water for an eternity. Then Elder Christensen pulled me up and it was done! :) It was amazing.

Afterwards I got attacked by hundreds of people all wanting hugs. Then we migrated over to the Thunell home for a party. :)

  Me and my missionaries stayed after everyone else did.
Yes, Elder Christensen is coloring. :)
 Shes so happy :)
 And of course, by the end of the night the losers were back on the phone! :) Silly Elders.
Today was a fantastic day. I love all the people that were there for me.

It was an amazing day.

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