Monday, December 30, 2013

Roller Coaster Rides

Life is full of its ups and downs. I've been stuck on a spiritual roller coaster the past few days. Up down up down up down.

Today I was hit hard, though. I made a choice, and once I made it the Spirit left me. I felt dark and cold inside. It was a scary feeling. I spent hours last night talking to the Lord and figuring out what I needed to do to fix what I had done wrong.

This morning Workers Comp finally got to me, again I am tangled in the legal issues of my work injury back in November. Then I ran errands for my mom, and lost a receipt that my mom needed for the business.

So I drove back to Target, where I felt like I lost it. I walked to the section that I thought I may have dropped it from my pocket... And it wasn't there. I felt hopeless. So with a broken heart, I turned to leave, begging Heavenly Father for help. I lifted my eyes and saw a small slip of paper on the floor.

And there it was.

I grabbed it and went to my car and bowed my head.

The rest of the day went fine until I got a text from my investigator. He explained that he didn't think this church was for him.

That, my friends, shattered my heart. I shot a text to the missionaries, explaining what happened. Immediately they responded with "Go pray about it." And I did. Not that long after my prayer ended I got another text from the Elders asking if my friend had read any of the Book of Mormon yet. He hadn't and they responded with "Ask him to do that before he quits. We don't have to meet tomorrow, but try to get him reading."

I told that to my friend and I got an "Ok" and nothing else.

What an awful feeling that is. I asked the missionaries what kept them from getting discouraged in situations like this one and they told me it was "the miracles that happen". I kept a prayer in my heart for that miracle.

Later my friend texted me about how upset he was that his game broke. I happen to have it so I told him I would ask my brother if he could use it. We talked about that for a minute and out of the blue he says:

"I've started Nephi"

I cried.

Miracles are real. They happen through Heavenly Father.

My life is full of many miracles. From Ben introducing me to the gospel to getting baptized to sharing the gospel with others. Every day He blesses us with a miracle.

What was yours today?

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