Friday, December 27, 2013

Happiness is...


  • Missionary work
    • I am so grateful that I was blessed with the amazing chance to be a "natural missionary". I feel like I can talk about the church to anyone at anytime. I've recently challenged myself to start making more eye contact in public places and smiling at everyone. I tried this in the grocery store last time and I ended up talking to 6 different people!!! I didn't talk about the gospel yet, I still have to learn how to bring it up! :) I'm so grateful for my investigator. I love the change I'm seeing in him. He's so full of hope. Someone who was deep down in depression has finally found the Light. :) I love it.
  • Missionary Discussions
    • I love hearing my missionaries teach. Their testimonies are the strongest. I look to them as examples of who I want to be in the future with my testimony. You can see their testimonies in their eyes. I would love to be like that. Today we had another missionary discussion with my investigator and it turned out really well.  We walk on thin ice with him, so we hangout and play basketball and play Pokemon cards (his obsession) before or after our lesson. He feels so comfortable with the missionaries now. I love it.
  • Chatting with the missionaries
    • With all the trials I've been facing, from being yelled at by beloved ward members to being abandoned by the boy who introduced me to the church, the missionaries have really helped me. I was feeling discouraged because of a few things that have been happening at church and they sat me down and talked with me about it. It was really nice because that's exactly what I needed. I love it.
  • Feeding the missionaries
    • Today was the first time I ever had dinner with the missionaries. It was the best! :) I let them pick where we went and they chose Chick-fil-A (of course). It was a lot of fun, we talked more about the ward stuff and Elder Christensen ate like 15 salt packets and Elder Saenger nearly died because his sandwich was so spicy. It was a ton of fun. I'm so grateful I got to have that experience, especially today. I don't feel as alone, anymore. :) I love it.
  • Writing my talk
    • So during this craziness I was asked to give a talk. I have worked all week on it and I was getting discouraged because it wasn't turning out like I wanted, so I took a break and read over it and timed myself. I couldn't finish. The Spirit was SO strong, I just started bawling. I love it.
  • Reading the scriptures
    • I've always had a bad habit of not reading my scriptures. But recently I've been trying harder and harder to do it. I love them. I love each and every one of them. Its Heavenly Father's way of giving me guidance, sometimes. I really grateful for that, as well. I love it.
  • Praying
    • Ah, prayer. What a wonderful thing. I get to talk to my Heavenly Father whenever I want and He will answer. I love it.

I loved today. I was SO happy. :) I'm so grateful for all my many blessings. :)


  1. Good for you, honey! I'm glad the contentment and peace has finally settled into your life a little bit. There will be less drama hopefully and less roller coaster ups and downs. Just look for the ways that Heavenly Father is aware of you every single day, and the tender mercies He gives you, and it will carry you through those frustrating times. We love you and can't wait to hear your talk! <3

    1. I think the roller coaster ups and downs are what keep my testimony growing! :) I'm so grateful for them. The Savior is my safety belt on my roller coaster of a life. I love it.

      Heavenly Father sprinkles so many blessings into my daily life. Even though I neglect to see them sometimes, I know that He is there and He has great plans for me. <3 Thank you for your advice. :) I love the advice you give me.

  2. Wow! Look at you being a missionary! You'll have to let us know how your investigator is doing.

    People will continually come in and out of your life. Isn't it great to know that the Holy Ghost will always be a CONSTANT companion? I'm glad you mentioned Prayer as a blessing - anytime, anywhere. You're never alone, but sometimes you have to walk by faith. Love, Elder Christensen's mom

    1. I've learned from the best!!!! I totally look up to Elder Christensen and Elder Saenger! :)

      I love the Holy Ghost. He is such a great blessing to have, and you're right. I'm never alone. :) I love your advice!!