Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally Friday!!!

Oh my gosh what a LONG week.

Monday- I dropped cookies off at some friend's houses

Tuesday- I met with Alyssa and Elder Saenger and Elder Pruitt (It was strange not having Elder C, but it was still amazing.)

Wednesday- I had my new member discussion and Savannah came. :) I learned SO much about prayer, things I never knew. Then we drove to mutual and just happened to see my little missionaries again.... Elder C had broken his bike. So we rescued them! :) His bike is fixed, now, though.

Thursday- Work work work.

Friday (Today)- I'm. So. Sick. Oh my gosh. I feel awful. Ugh! I still went to school though, I can't afford to miss classes. One missed class and you have a month of makeup work! I also met with Zane and the Elders today, though. They were SO PUMPED UP. It was AMAZING. They were so excited they almost forgot the prayer. This is what happened:

We talked and joked around then they started tying in to the lesson.

Elder C- *Jumps out of his chair and grabs the chalk and starts drawing the 4 of us*

Elder S- In this life we will all-

Casey- *whispering* hey guys!!!!

Elder C gives me the "what now" look :)

Casey- *folds arms*

Elder C- Uh, Elder, I think Casey thinks we should pray. *Starts laughing* I think shes right.

It was so cool seeing them this excited again. :) They have both been really great missionaries and its so cool to watch them grow.

The Elders drew us a picture (I think thats what they were most excited about, honestly.) Elder C drew the four of us and then turned around and I jokingly asked if I was the shortest one because everyone makes fun of my height. He "glared" at me and turned and erased me. Which made us all laugh and then he drew me again -- shorter but he gave me hair that time. :) These guys are so fun. What great teachers.

After we finished the lesson, I started driving Zane home. I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my head -- the same feeling I had when I had a really high fever earlier today (which had broke a few hours earlier). 

Me- Hey Zane?

Zane- Yeah?

Me- Can you text the missionaries and ask them if I could come back and get a priesthood blessing?

Zane- Uh... Yeah.

My phone was dead so we used his.

When I dropped him off, though, I had no way of contacting the missionaries, I asked Zane to tell them I was headed back to the church to figure things out.

So I pulled up at the church and didn't see their two little bikes in the normal spot. I got a little discouraged. Then I looked up and there they were riding in circles around each other in the parking lot. Those guys crack me up.

So after Elder C scolded me for my phone "always being dead" (It is) we started calling people to give me the blessing.And of course no one answered.

So after a ton of debating between the 3 of us (well, mostly them, at this point I feel like a zombie) we decided to meet at the Thunell's and if they weren't home I was supposed to go to the Fishers. And they would be right behind me.

So I drove to the Thunell's and before I could knock, a little Mckay opened the door. I love that kid.

Mckay- Hi!

Me- Hey Mckay, is your dad home?

Mckay- Yeah, he's on the phone, though. I'll go get him.

He's so cute. I want a Mckay. (Sister Thunell, if you're reading this--beware! I might steal him!)

So Brother Thunell came out and I explained what was going on and then Savannah yelled down.

"Whats going on?"

She came downstairs and teased me about barging into her house. :)

So I talked with her while we waited for the mishs. (I was supposed to text them but I forgot, oops.)

Then, Savannah got an evil idea. >:) She suggested we hide my car and pretend like I never showed up. So we did and once we parked around back I heard Elder C's voice.

"Mckay! Is Casey here?" He sounded a tad concerned for a second. But they knocked on the door anyway and I overheard Savannah say "Shes not here" and they said "Okay bye". Then she invited them in.

So I got my blessing and then Brother Thunell gave me this orange medicine that dissolves on your tongue. And we left. 

My head doesn't hurt as bad and I'm not dizzy anymore. That was the worst part about this whole thing. But, I'm still sick. Heavenly Father puts us here to learn, though. If He took away all our pain we would learn nothing. I'm SO grateful that through the blessing He lessened some of the pain. 

I love the priesthood. I'm so grateful for all of the blessings I have recieved. I love the worthy priesthood holders in my ward like Brother Thunell, Brother Clark, Elder Christensen, Elder Saenger, Bishop, and so many more. I look to them as examples. I love them all so much!

Hopefully I will be better tomorrow! :)

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  1. I laughed at the section where you wrote how they forgot the opening prayer...and you had to remind them! Hope you are feeling better :(