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Thursday, January 2, 2014


I want to start this post out by thanking the Thunell family for everything they do for me. They always support me and they're my family at church. And even though these past few weeks have been really hard on me and I've been pushing every one away, they're still there and they love me.

I'm really thankful for Savannah, especially. She's a little angel that Heavenly Father sent to guide me and be my sunshine on rainy days. I was having a really tough time last night and she dropped everything and came to help me. We drove around for 2 hours and talked until I felt better. I'm so blessed to have people in my life like her.

There is peace in my life again. Another part of the roller coaster I'm on, but I think its starting to even out. I've been thinking of this whole experience like a flood gate.  3 years of coming to church and lining everything up so I could do everything when I was finally baptized. Now I'm a member and everything is happening SO fast. Its a wonderful thing, but it can get a little stressful and lonely if my mind isn't in the right place.

On the topic of loneliness, I finally realized that I am never alone. I have the Holy Ghost. And I didn't really appreciate Him as much as I should have until He was gone. I had a little hiccup on Sunday and the Spirit left. Last night everything got taken care of, and I can feel the Spirit again. It was a terrible feeling and I hope I never do that to myself again.

Now onto what happened today!

I got to spend some time with one of my good friends, Brittany. She even met with the missionaries! It was a really different kind of discussion. We talked for TWO HOURS!!!! And we were all really comfortable, usually the friends I bring are really uncomfortable at first, but she literally walked up and said "Hi, I'm Casey's Jew!" with a big smile on her face. Then she started cracking jokes about the missionaries bikes, which made the Elders feel more comfortable and the lesson more fun because they would throw little jokes in here and there. Brittany asked questions and I even asked some! (I'm not usually one to ask questions in discussions) Elder Christensen joked about how when we're baptized we get a brand new bike. It was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I guess I'm still waiting on mine... ;) I really hope she wants to meet with us again.

She was my 3rd friend to have had the first discussion. Its interesting to see how they both know how to make it different for each person. I love that. Its personal, just like this gospel is. I've learned so much by hearing the first discussion so many times. My testimony of Joesph Smith wasn't so strong, and I didn't really know his story. Its getting stronger though, my goal is to continue to work at it and keep learning!

The missionaries serving in the 1st ward right now are amazing. I am SO grateful for them and their example to me and my friends. I love how they will sit and listen to my friends and see what they believe. They never say "oh well, you're wrong" they testify to what our beliefs are. I am so incredibly grateful for those two guys and everything they do.

I have a testimony of the power of missionary work. I admire and look up to all of those that serve a full time missionary AND those that serve a member mission. Savannah inspires me, wherever she goes, she will be the best missionary they will have ever had. That girl's on fire. She always knows exactly what to say and her testimony shines in her beautiful face. Her testimony is SO strong. I love to hear it, and I look forward to when she teaches a lesson in YW's because I get to hear it.

Fast Sunday is coming up. Who will go up to that stand? I know I will.

I encourage you to all think about the Atonement the rest of this week. What does it mean to you?


  1. This post made me cry. I also love the Thunell family - what a great example they are! Casey, I hope you read through your posts and realize how far you really have come. You are also a great example. We are supposed to be "every member a missionary". Instead of just talking about President Durrant's challenge, you actually DO it. Good for you, Casey! You are a girl on fire!

    1. Thank you SO much. That really means a lot to me! This year, my goal is to invite someone every week to come listen to the missionaries and learn about the Lord's church. It doesn't mean they have to say yes, but I still invited them. :) ( ) I've learned so much from Elder Christensen and Elder Saenger, they're such great teachers!!

      I want you to know how much of an example you are to me, too. When I finally come to Utah I'm gonna have to come meet you face to face! I have a hug for you. :)